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Simply THE BEST!


Why hire Phil? Cause hes simply the BEST John Travolta Lookalike AND John Travolta Impersonator around! You can surf the web and look for celebrity lookalikes or John Travolta impersonators and your search will always find its way back to Phil Francavilla. Try it and see for yourself. Not many celebrity lookalikes can make this claim but the numerous comments and feedback he receives from clients past and present has verified this claim. You can see it on his Clients and Customers Reviews or Testimonial pages. Phil has traveled the world over and has been picked over other John Travolta impersonators for his authentic close resemblance of the real John Travolta. You will find that his looks are the closest you will get to the real celebrity. Whether it be "Tony Manero" from Saturday Night Fever" or "Danny Zuko" from "Grease", you will think you are in the presence of the actual character. As a celebrity impersonator Phil aims to please his clients, crowd and audience alike and gives nothing but extraordinary energy to the crowd unmatched by any other John Travolta impersonator. Just watch the videos and you will see it for yourself. Phils authentic real life actions as "Tony Manero" from Saturday Night Fever comes easily because of his roots from Bay Ridge Brooklyn where Phil was actually raised where the hit movie Saturday Night Fever was filmed and about. So you see Phil IS the character and doesn't have to impersonate much and that's what makes him so believable. No one can even come close to being so natural at impersonating the John Travolta character! He mimics the character so well you will think he is really Tony Manero. When Phil met John Travolta , Mr. Travolta actually complimented Phil and said he looked great as the Saturday Night Fever character (Phil was dressed as a John Travolta lookalike when he met John) and John called him his "alter ego"! They snapped pictures together, took some video and then departed with Phil having met his idol for the first time. It was a great experience for him. So don't hesitate - hire John Travolta celebrity impersonator and look alike Phil for your next Saturday Night Fever or Grease theme party and you will get a chance to see for yourself why he is SIMPLY THE BEST John Travolta impersonator on the planet!!


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